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History of the Colonial Period
Facts about and info about the Colonies Timeline Period, Clothing, Education, the events of the Era, Food, Houses, Women, Society, Salem Witchcraft Trials and the Backcountry.

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The Colonial Period - Clothing
The types of Clothing worn by men, women and children. The materials, dyes and colors of clothing worn in the colonies and the symbolic and religious meanings of the colors worn by Puritans. Clothing, dress and Sumptuary Laws.

Colonial Period - Education
The Education given to the children of the colonists during this era including the Dame Schools, Elementary schools and Grammar Schools.

The Colonial Era
A complete overview of the history of the era from the discovery and colonization of the lands of America, the Indian Wars, the establishment of the colonies and the Road to Revolution and the American Revolutionary War.

The Colonial Period - Food
The Types of food available to the colonists during the period including the meats, fish, shellfish, fruit, vegetables, herbs and dairy products. The food and the cooking methods together with the preservation methods used in preparing the food eaten by the colonists. Their daily meals and fasting requirements of some of the colonists.

Colonial Period - Backcountry
The Backcountry was “off the beaten track”, the uncolonized lands in America during the period of colonialism. Read about the first settlers in the Backcountry, Daniel Boone and the Cumberland Gap, the Scots-Irish settlers and the removal of the Five Civilised tribes from the Backcountry.

The Colonial Period - Timeline Period 1607 - 1776
The early American Time Period provides a full history timeline detailing the history, facts and information about famous people, important events and key dates during the early Time Period. A complete overview of history during the period when colonists and settlers arrived from Europe looking for religious freedom, land and the opportunity for a new life. The time period of colonization and rebellion that led to the creation of the new nation of the Unites States of America.

The Colonial Period - Women
The Status and classes of Women in the colonies, their rights, daily life and attitudes towards women in society. The roles and daily life, chores and tasks of wealthy women, puritan women, indentured servants and slaves.

The Colonial Period - Society
The social classes and the different types and classes of colonists and their lives in each society and the Pyramid of Power in Society.

The Colonial Period - Salem Witchcraft Trials
The Puritan Salem Witchcraft Trials were cases brought before  the county court of trials in 1692 during which accusations of witchcraft were made against both men and women in Essex, Suffolk, and Middlesex counties of  Massachusetts.

The Colonial Period - Houses
The the different types and styles of Houses and homes in the 13 colonies. The log cabins Town Houses, Farmhouses and the architecture of the Georgian Mansions.

The History of the Colonial Period
This section on the American History of the Period covering the first 13 colonies provides comprehensive details of the colonists settlement of early America and the lives of the colonists. Interesting facts and information about early American History of via this American History of the Period covering the first 13 colonies. These articles on the American History of the Colonial Period will provide a great insight into the lives of the early Americans. The facts and information provides a comprehensive view of the American History of the Period.

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Colonial Education
The Gaspee Affair
Colonial Houses
Boston Massacre Facts
Colonial Trades and Occupations
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The Sons of Liberty
Colonial Society
Boston Tea Party
The 13 Colonies
Reaction to the Stamp Act
Colonial Timeline 1607 - 1776
Colonial Times - Industries
Colonial Clothing
Colonial Food
Cotton Plantations
Plantation Farming
Colonial Era
Starving Time
Colonial Women
Facts about the 13 Colonies
Colonial Times
Taxes in the Colonies
The Backcountry
Religion in the Colonies
Indentured Servants
Trade in the Colonies
Colonial Government
Proclamation of 1763
Salem Witchcraft Trials
Sugar Plantations
Slave Plantations
Religion in the Colonies
Triangular Trade
Salutary Neglect
Causes of the American Revolutionary War
Tobacco, Cotton, Rice, Sugar and Indigo Plantations

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