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Colonial America

Colonial America - Land of the Brave

Colonial America

A comprehensive illustrated guide to Colonial America. Containing facts and information about the founding and establishment of the 13 Colonies and the struggles of the early colonists. Read about the relationship between the monarchy and government of Great Britain.

The Triangular Trade that was established across the Atlantic and the laws that governed trade in Colonial America including the Navigation Acts, the Sugar Act, the Townshend Acts and the Stamp Act which led to insurrection and rebellion in Colonial America culminating in the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence.

Learn about the history of Colonial America see the Colonial America Sitemap:

  • The founding of the 13 Colonies in Colonial America
  • Life in New England, Middle and Southern Colonies
  • Religion in Colonial America including the Pilgrims and the Puritans
  • Trade in Colonial America
  • Slavery in the American colonies
  • The Government in Colonial America and the tax laws that lead to insurrection and rebellion and the revolution

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