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Colonial America - William Penn

Learn about US history via this Colonial Religion including:

  • Colonial Religion
  • Quest for religious freedom
  • Important facts and information about early religious beliefs in Colonial America
  • An overview of the religious beliefs of the colonists
  • The Religion in the 13 colonies

Colonial Religion
Learn about US via this useful Colonial Religion Sitemap with access to simple, clear and easy to read articles relating to the Pilgrims, the Puritans, the Quakers, the Great Awakening, the Great Migration and the Salem Witchcraft Trials. This website covers American History from the Discovery of America and the early explorers and American History covering Colonial America from 1607 - 1776.

Colonial Religion
Religion in the Colonies was diverse and many of the religious groups, such as the Pilgrims, Separatists, Anglicans, Catholics, Puritans and the Quakers established the first of the 13 colonies on the basis of their religious beliefs.

The Puritans
The strict and austere moral code of the Puritans, the ideology of the 'City on the Hill' and the concept of a Utopian society
Facts and Information about the Separatists and Non-Separatists and the Dissenters. John Winthrop, the 'New England Way', local independence and the saints of the Mayflower.

Colonial Religion - Pilgrims and Puritans
The differences between the Pilgrims and Puritans. The Pilgrims adhered to more extreme views than the Puritans. The Pilgrims and Puritans were both strongly opposed to the Catholic Church. Both the Pilgrim and the Puritan colonists believed that the Anglican church, should make more reforms to get rid of all traces of the Roman Catholic Church.

Colonial Religion - Great Awakening
The Great Awakening a period of religious awakening and a series of religious revivals that swept over the American colonies and were led by evangelical Protestant ministers. The Great Awakening was sparked by the tour of an English evangelical minister called George Whitefield.

Colonial Religion - William Penn & the Quakers
William Penn was a leader of the Quakers whose congregations called themselves "Friends", or the the Society of Friends.

Colonial Religion - Salem Witchcraft Trials
The Salem Witchcraft Trials were cases brought before local magistrates and the county court. The Salem Witchcraft Trials last for 3 months in which accusations of witchcraft were made against both men and women in colonial Massachusetts.

Colonial Religion - The Great Migration
The Great Migration was the period in American history when 20,000 English men, women, and children who were mostly Puritans crossed the Atlantic Ocean to settle in the colonies of New England.

The Colonial Religion
This Colonial Religion is a guide to this section of the website providing comprehensive details of the facts and information available about American History and society and culture of the early Americans of Colonial America. Interesting facts and information about early American History. The facts and information provided contains a comprehensive view of the Colonial Religion.

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