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The Pilgrims and the Mayflower
Learn about US via this useful Pilgrims Sitemap with access to simple, clear and easy to read articles about the Mayflower Voyage and Passengers, Pilgrims and the puritans, the Pilgrim Fathers and the Plymouth Colony that all have interesting illustrations and pictures. This website covers American History from the Discovery of America and the early explorers, colonists and American History covering Colonial America from 1607 - 1776.

The Charter of Virginia
The First was issued in 1606 by King James I of England. The Charter created the Virginia Company authorizing eight Englishmen to colonize "that part of America commonly called Virginia".

When the pilgrims and colonists landed in Jamestown they brought the English Common Law with them.

The Mayflower Ship
The was the name of the sailing ship that took the first colonists, who would become known collectively as the 'Pilgrims', to the New World. Facts about the ship and interesting information about the living conditions of the pilgrims, passengers and crew.

Mayflower Voyage
The took 66 days. Learn about the living conditions on the ship. The pilgrims were the "Saints" and the "Strangers" were all the other passengers. Find out what they ate and drank during the voyage. The sailors and the men women, children and animals on board the ship.

The Mayflower Passenger List
The alphabetical providing details of all the names of all of the pilgrims on the ship's Passenger List and provide their relationships to each other and the family groups. The Passenger List is accompanied by a list of the names of the men who made up the crew on the Ship.

The Mayflower Compact
The was a signed agreement that maintained peace between the two groups on the ship. The Compact was written by the colonists before landing at Plymouth Rock and was the first governing document of Plymouth Colony. The Compact laid our basic laws and social rules for the new Plymouth colony and served as a foundation for the democratic life of the pilgrims and other settlers.

Text and Words of the Mayflower Compact
"All due submission and obedience" was given by the pilgrims and the colonists in the .

The Puritans
The colonists who included the pilgrims on the ship believed that the Anglican church, should make more reforms to remove all the traces of the Roman Catholic Church. The Puritans enforced a strict moral code. and practised strictness and austerity in their religion, lifestyle and conduct. Puritans were opposed to sensual pleasures and were strong advocates of modesty and and decorum.

The Pilgrims and Puritans
The were extremely similar in most practices and beliefs. A pilgrim was a distinct type of Puritan who adhered to more extreme views than a Puritan.

The Pilgrim Fathers
The term '' is the name given to early colonists and settlers of the Plymouth Colony. The Pilgrim Fathers, or Pilgrims, were part of an English church congregation of religious separatists led by pastor John Robinson, church elder William Brewster and William Bradford. The First Thanksgiving was a celebration of the arrival of fresh supplies and new colonists.

The Plymouth Colony
The was the first part of American occupied by the pilgrims. Soon after a new charter was issued that annexed Plymouth Colony to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The proclamation ending the existence of Plymouth Colony was dated October 17, 1691.

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