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Explorers of America

Henry Hudson Explorer

Henry Hudson Explorer

The Explorers of America
The names of the most famous Explorers of the New World.

The list and chart of the Explorers of America provide links to comprehensive biographies and timelines of the explorers of America who played a major role in the discovery of the New World. The famous explorers included Christopher Columbus, Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, Leif Ericson, Sir Francis Drake, Ponce de Leon, Giovanni da Verrazzano, Samuel de Champlain, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, Sir Walter Raleigh, Jacques Cartier, Henry Hudson, Hernando de Soto and John Cabot.

The Explorers of America - Christopher Columbus
 was famous for discovering America in 1492 while he was searching for a new trade route to the Indies.

The Explorers of America - Ferdinand Magellan
was famous for undertaking first expedition around the world, sailing through the Straits of Magellan and reaching the Pacific Ocean. 

The Explorers of America - Henry Hudson
discovered the Hudson River. the Hudson Strait, and Hudson Bay.

The Explorers of America - Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
explored New Mexico and the south-western United States and discovered the Great Plains of Kansas.

The Explorers of America - Leif Ericson
was the Viking who is regarded as the first European to visit the New World.

The Explorers of America - Sir Francis Drake
was famous as the first to pass from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast of South America in his ship the Golden Hind.

The Explorers of America - Amerigo Vespucci
was famous  for demonstrating that the New World was not Asia but an unknown new continent.  

The Explorers of America - Jacques Cartier
was famous for leading 3 expeditions to Canada, exploring the coast from the Cape Fear River to Nova Scotia.

The Explorers of America - Hernando de Soto
was famous for exploring the south-eastern United States from Tampa Bay to  South Carolina and crossing the Mississippi River.

The Explorers of America - John Cabot
crossed the North Atlantic and reached the coast of America, north of Nova Scotia.  

The Explorers of America - Ponce de Leon
was a famous explorer who sailed around the southern end of Florida and back to the West Indies.

The Explorers of America - Giovanni da Verrazzano
was famous foe leading the first French expedition to explore the coast between the Carolinas and Newfoundland, including New York Harbor and Narragansett Bay.

The Explorers of America - Samuel de Champlain
was famous as the the Founder of Quebec City. He was known as 'The Father of Canada' and discovered Lake Champlain on the border between New York and Vermont.

The Explorers of America - Sir Walter Raleigh
sailed to America with his half brother the English explorer Sir Humphrey Gilbert. Sir Walter Raleigh provided backing for the Virginia colony of Roanoke Island. He is also famous for introducing tobacco and potatoes to England.

The Explorers of America - Vasco de Balboa
was famous as the first European to lead an expedition to reach the Pacific Ocean from the New World.

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