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The following Fact File contains fast information about the life of Walter Raleigh. Interesting facts and an overview and description of the life and times and his involvement in the Exploration and the discovery of the New World leading to the colonization of America refer to the .

Why was Walter Raleigh famous and what part of America did he explore? In 1578, Sir Walter Raleigh sailed to America with explorer Sir Humphrey Gilbert, his half brother.

Sir Walter Raleigh provided the backing that led to the establishment of the Virginia colony of Roanoke Island and the introduction of tobacco and potatoes in England. He also led an expedition to find El Dorado, the fabled 'Golden Land', exploring the Orinoco river in Guiana (now Venezuela).

When was Walter Raleigh born? He was born in 1552. What was his country of origin and where was Walter Raleigh born? He was born in Hayes Barton in East Budleigh, Devon, England

Walter Raleigh was related to other famous explorers including Sir Humphrey Gilbert, John Hawkins, Sir Richard Grenville and Sir Francis Drake

Walter Raleigh was from a wealthy farming and merchant family who were looking for new trade routes and trading opportunities in the New World. He was well educated in typical Elizabethan subjects including navigation, astronomy, cartography, mathematics and seamanship

In 1578 Sir Walter Raleigh made his first trip to America on a ship called the Falcon, with his half brother, Sir Humphrey Gilbert

In 1580 he helped to put down the Irish rebellion and became a favorite of Queen Elizabeth I

March 25, 1584: Walter Raleigh receives the patent to explore and establish colonies in North America - refer to

Sir Walter Raleigh's fleet of 7 ships, under Richard Grenville and Ralph Lane, with 108 men, reached Roanoke Island in June 1584.

June 4, 1584: Virginia colony of Roanoke Island established by Sir Walter Raleigh.

January 6, 1585: Queen Elizabeth I knights Walter Raleigh and makes him governor of the new territory discovered by Amadas and Barlowe

Sir Walter Raleigh names the colony "Virginia" in honor of the English queen

July 22, 1587: Sir Walter Raleigh backed the first English Colony of Roanoke in North America of North Carolina led by John White

August 18, 1587: Virginia Dare was born in Roanoke colony, she was the first English child born in North America

6 February, 1595: Sir Walter Raleigh sails to the New World to search for the city of El Dorado (the city of gold) and during the voyage explores the Orinoco and Guiana

In 1603 King James I imprisoned Sir Walter Raleigh in the Tower of London on charges of treason

In 1612 King James released Sir Walter Raleigh from the tower. He promises to give King James a fortune if he allows him to return to Guiana - his mission fails.

Sir Walter Raleigh attacks a Spanish settlement and returns to England

October 29, 1618: Sir Walter Raleigh is beheaded at the Tower of London for attacking the Spanish (who King James wanted to appease).

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