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The Boston Massacre

Patriot Paul Revere

Patriot Paul Revere

Definition of the Boston Massacre

The Meaning and Definition of the Boston Massacre: The Boston Massacre was a pre-revolutionary incident that occurred on March 5, 1770. British soldiers, who were quartered in the city, fired into a rioting mob killing five American civilians in the Boston Massacre. British troops had been sent to Boston in 1768 to maintain order, protect the customs officers and to enforce the Townshend Acts. The Boston Massacre arose from the resentment of Boston colonists towards the British which had been fuelled by protest activities of the Sons of Liberty patriots.

The term 'Boston Massacre' was coined by the patriot Samuel Adams and used in propaganda campaigns against the British.

The Effects of the Boston Massacre
The effects of the Boston Massacre were far reaching and led to the creation of the .

The Sons of Liberty and patriots such as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere used the Boston Massacre as a calculated piece of political propaganda, designed to rouse antagonism in all of the colonies toward the Crown.

The events of the Boston Massacre were widely publicized, it contributed to the unpopularity of the British regime in America and played a major part in the events that led to the American Revolution including the which led to the on December 16, 1774.

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