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Definition of Salutary Neglect

The Meaning and Definition Salutary Neglect: Salutary Neglect was a long-standing British Policy in the 13 colonies which allowed the colonists to flout, or violate, the laws associated with trade. There were no effective enforcement agencies and it was expensive to send British troops to America.

The British policy of Salutary Neglect was not documented. The policy and era of Salutary Neglect lasted from the 1690's to the 1760's and benefited the colonists boosting their profits from trade.

Reversing the Policy of Salutary Neglect
The British reversed their policy of Salutary Neglect to raise taxes in the colonies to pay for the massive war debt incurred during the French and Indian Wars. The reversal of the policy of Salutary Neglect led to insurrection in the colonies, the Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence. This explains why the policy of Salutary Neglect, and the British attempts to reverse the policy of Salutary Neglect, was so important to U.S. history.

Effects of reversing of the Policy of Salutary Neglect
The colonists vehemently protested against the new measures resulting from the reversal of Salutary Neglect and the was formed.  The Boston Tea Party affair followed which was as a result and in opposition to the Tea Act. The American Revolution and the Declaration of Independence was the inevitable conclusion to the laws and taxes imposed by the British on the American colonies - which had been fuelled by their attempt to end their policy of Salutary Neglect.

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