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Colonial Era

Colonial America - Land of the Brave

The Colonial Era

The discovery and Colonialism of the lands in the New World marked the start of the Colonial era. The colonization of the lands and territories in North America saw competition between all the major European countries for power and new opportunities through expansion.

The Colonial era in America saw a massive influx of Europeans including the British, French, Spanish, Germans and Swedes. New colonies were established and the British and French held the dominant positions in the fight for dominance.

This led to the French and Indian Wars which lasted for nearly 75 years. The British emerged as the victors but the series of conflicts led to a massive British war debt. The original 13 colonies were firmly established under British rule and Britain attempted to clear their war debt by implementing various laws and taxes in the 13 Colonies. The British had the power to enact various laws in Parliament outside of America which significantly effected life and trade in the thirteen colonies. The Americans of the Colonial era strongly protested against these measures and their protests led them down the American Road to Revolution and the American Revolutionary War.

  • First Period: The Discovery of America and the Early European Explorers

  • Second Period: Founding the first Colonies.

  • Third Period: Establishing the first Colonies

  • Fourth Period: The French and Indian Wars 1688 - 1763

  • Fifth Period: The Road to Revolution and the Causes of the Revolutionary War

  • Sixth Period: American Revolutionary War 1775 to 1783

  • Seventh Period: The Change from British Colonies to American States

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