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Definition of the Nonimportation Agreements
The Meaning and Definition of the Nonimportation Agreements: The Nonimportation Agreements (176575) were a series of commercial restrictions, boycotting British imports. The Nonimportation Agreements were adopted by American colonists to protest British laws and taxes prior to the American Revolution.

Associations were organized by the and Whig merchants to boycott English goods In response to new taxes. American colonists were discouraged from purchasing British imports.

The First Nonimportation Agreements
The first Nonimportation Agreements were started by the .

The Second Nonimportation Agreements
The first Nonimportation Agreements 1767 were triggered by the the imposing taxes on British imports.

The Final Nonimportation Agreements
The final Nonimportation Agreements in 1774 were initiated by the which created the .

Nonimportation Agreements
Background facts and information: The French and Indian War (Seven years War) had left Britain with a massive war debt and the British looked for ways to reduce the war debt by imposing new taxes in the colonies. Tensions rose in the colonies due to the the demands made, and taxes, imposed by the British Parliament. There were no American Colonists in the British parliament which led to the cry of "No taxation without representation!" American politicians and patriots, led by the Sons of Liberty secret society, started to protest against the British laws and taxes. The Sons of Liberty and American merchants initiated a boycott English goods In response to the new taxes.

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