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Continental Congress

The Continental Congress Definition: The Continental Congress was where elected representatives of colonists assembled in revolt against British rule. The Virginia House of Burgesses served as a model for the Continental Congress.

Virginians Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Peyton Randolph invited delegations from all of the other colonies to meet in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774 to debate the course of action in response to grievances of colonies against Great Britain.

The grievances related to the laws passed by the British Parliament, the 'last straw' being their passing of the Coercive Acts (aka Intolerable Acts) that had punished Boston for the Boston Tea Party. Achievements: The Continental Congress initiated Nonimportation Agreements in 1774 which led to the formation of the Continental Association, created a Continental Army, issued the Declaration of Independence and framed Articles of Confederation.

  • Define Continental: The Continental Congress was a meeting, or convention, of delegates from all of the Thirteen Colonies belonging to the continent of North America - hence the term 'Continental'
  • Define Assembly: The Continental Congress is also referred to as a legislative assembly in which elected political delegates assemble together.
  • Define Legislative: The word legislative means having the power to make laws.

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