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Continental Presidents

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Continental Presidents
The Continental Congress was where elected representatives of colonists  assembled in revolt against British rule. Virginians Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and Peyton Randolph invited delegations from all of the other colonies to meet in Philadelphia on September 5, 1774 to debate the grievances of colonies against Great Britain.

The Continental Congress was the first national government of the United States during the American Revolution. The Continental Presidents were the foremost leaders of the era.

The Role of the Continental Presidents
The role of the Continental Presidents was limited and they acted as administrative head of state presiding, as an impartial moderator, over meetings of Congress. The office of the Continental Presidents was similar in terms of the name, social, and diplomatic precedence of the current office of President of the United States but the office was different in terms of its executive powers. The Continental Presidents signed, but did not write, the official documents of the Continental Congress.

Continental Presidents
There were 16 Continental presidents. The names of the men who had the honor of being one of the Continental Presidents are as follows:

1. Peyton Randolph
2. Henry Middleton
3. Peyton Randolph
4. John Hancock
5. Henry Laurens
6. John Jay
7. Samuel Huntington
8. Thomas McKean
9. John Hanson
10. Elias Boudinot
11. Thomas Mifflin
12. Richard Henry Lee
13. John Hancock
14. Nathaniel Gorham
15. Arthur St. Clair
16. Cyrus Griffin

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