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Summary of the Peace Treaty of Paris 1763

The Definition and Summary of the Peace Treaty of Paris 1763: This Paris Peace Treaty saw the conclusion of the . This was a  series of battles between Great Britain and France and their Indian allies for the possession of North America.

The Final conflict during this 75 year period was the .

Significance of the Peace Treaty of Paris 1763
The significance of the Peace Treaty of Paris 1763 was that:

  • The French and Indian Wars ended
  • The colonial empire of France was destroyed leaving Great Britain dominant in North America
  • France passed all of Canada and all of Louisiana east of the Mississippi (except for New Orleans) to Great Britain
  • Great Britain was left with a massive war debt following the French and Indian Wars and looked for ways of raising revenue by imposing new taxes in the colonies which ultimately led to the
  • Great Britain issued the that was designed to calm the fears of Native Indians by halting the westward expansion by colonists whilst expanding the lucrative fur trade

Peace Treaty of Paris
There were two important peace treaties, that were signed in Paris, that had a significant effect on the history of America during the 18th century (1700's):

  • The Peace Treaty of Paris 1763 ended the French Indian War (aka the Seven Years War)
  • The Peace Treaty of Paris 1783 formally ended the War for Independence

Just 12 years after signing the 1763 Treaty of Paris the actions of the British led to the American Revolutionary War.

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