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Short Biography and Life of John Hancock
This article contains a short biography and over 30 fast facts and information about John Hancock. Who was John Hancock and why was he famous? John Hancock was an extremely wealthy American Patriot based in Boston who played a major role in the events leading up to, and following, the American Revolution. He was a leader of the Sons of Liberty a secret, underground organization that was founded in Boston by Samuel Adams and John Hancock in July 1765 following the introduction of the Stamp Act. His ship, the Liberty, was seized by the British following the provisions of the Townshend Acts John Hancock avoided arrest by the British due to the warning he received from Paul Revere on is famous midnight ride.

John Hancock was president of the first and second provincial congresses, president of the Continental Congress and was elected Massachusetts governor nine times.

Facts about John Hancock
The following facts about the life of John Hancock provide interesting facts and an overview and description of the life and times and his involvement in the American Revolutionary War.

Fact 1: John Hancock was born on January 23, 1737

Fact 2: His place of birth was Braintree, Massachusetts

Fact 3: His father was the Reverend John Hancock of Braintree 1702 - 1744, a Congregationalist minister

Fact 4: His mother was Mary Hawke Thaxter, who was born August 15, 1667, died May 8, 1752

Fact 5: His father was a well educated man who had attended Harvard. He became the pastor of the church of the North Precinct, Braintree, Massachusetts

Fact 6: John Hancock's father died when he was only 7 years old - he was raised his grandfather and then by his uncle. He was a boyhood friend of John Adams. Hancock was known as Johnny when he was a boy.

Fact 7: When John Hancock was 13 he was adopted by his extremely wealthy uncle and aunt, Thomas and Lydia Hancock. They had no children of their own and John Hancock later took over the family business, called the the House of Hancock, of Imports and Exporting whale oil, fish and rum.

Fact 8: Education: John Hancock was educated at Boston Latin School and Harvard where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Studies in 1754.

Fact 9: John Hancock undertook various business duties in London from 1760-1761 and witnessed the coronation of King George III

Fact 10: John Hancock married Dorothy "Dolly" Quincy on August 28, 1775

Fact 11: When John Hancock was 27 his uncle died leaving John the House of Hancock

Fact 12: In 1765, John Hancock entered local politics when he was elected a Boston selectman. The following year, he won election to the Massachusetts colonial legislature.

Fact 13: John Hancock suffered from gout for most of his life.

Fact 14: John Hancock became a political activist in the opposition to the Sugar Act in 1764, the Stamp Act of 1765 and the Townshend Acts of 1767. He came into conflict with the acting Governor of Boston, the loyalist Thomas Hutchinson

Fact 15: He came into conflict with the acting Governor of Boston, the loyalist Thomas Hutchinson

Fact 16: John Hancock was one of the leaders of the Sons of Liberty, together with Samuel Adams (the cousin of John Adams). He shared leadership of the Massachusetts Patriots.

Fact 17: In 1768, one of his merchant ships, the Liberty, was seized by Customs Officials (see below)

Fact 18: John Hancock played a prominent role in the events following the Boston Massacre in 1770.

Fact 19: December 16, 1773: The Boston Tea Party - Massachusetts patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians protested against the British Tea Act

Fact 20: On April 19, 1775, John Hancock and fellow patriot Samuel Adams avoided arrest after Paul Revere made his legendary midnight ride to warn them the British were coming.

Fact 21: John Hancock became president of the first and second provincial congresses

Fact 22: John Hancock was president of the Continental Congress from 1775 to 1777

Fact 23: John Hancock was elected Massachusetts governor in 1780 - he held this role nine times

Fact 24: John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence

Fact 25: John Hancock was 39 years old when he signed the Declaration of Independence.

Fact 26: John Hancock died of natural causes at his home on Charter Street in Boston, on May 10, 1818 aged 83

Fact 27: John Hancock was buried at Granary Burial Grounds, Boston

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