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King Charles II

Charter of Carolina

This article contains fast facts and information about the Charter of Carolina and the establishment and founding of the Carolina colony following the 1660 restoration of the English monarchy and King Charles II. What was Charter of Carolina?

The Charter of Carolina was issued by King Charles II in order to grant land in America to eight men, selected by the king, as a reward for their faithful support in his efforts to regain the throne of England.

He granted the eight men, who were called or simply Proprietors, massive amounts of lands of the American colony of Carolina. The 1663 Charter of Carolina consisted of four pages and marked the beginning of organized, representative government in the province refer to and the .

The Charter of Carolina - Background History
The turbulent history of England resulted in the appointment of the Lords Protectors and the 1663 Charter of Carolina. King James I of England died in 1625 and was succeeded by Charles I. King Charles I reigned until 1649, when he was beheaded and England came under the control of Parliamentarians led by Oliver Cromwell. The rule of the Parliamentarians lasted until 1660, when King Charles II, the son of the beheaded king, was restored to the throne of England helped by many Royalists supporters. King Charles II granted the Carolina Charter in 1663 to the eight Lords Proprietors in appreciation and to reward their help and faithful support.

The Charter of Carolina - Freedom of Religion
The Lords Proprietors named in the 1663 Charter of Carolina framed a system of laws which they called the Grand Model or Fundamental Constitutions and was based on the English feudal system. The colonists rejected this archaic model and the Lords Proprietors were unable to enforce their laws and compromises were reached with the colonists. However, no compromise was necessary in respect of the provisions that related to religion, or to be more precise, Freedom of Religion. Every one was free to worship God in the way he thought right. Because there was religious freedom people of all religions and from different countries in Europe settled in Carolina.

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