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Definition of the Quartering Act
The Meaning and Definition of the Quartering Act: The Quartering Acts were two British Laws, passed by the Parliament of Great Britain 1765 and 1774, that were designed to force local colonial governments to provide provisions and housing to British soldiers stationed in the  13 Colonies of America.

Summary of the Quartering Acts
The 1765 Quartering Act made provisions for British troops to be given food and shelter at the expense of the American colonists.

The 1774 Quartering Act was one of the series of Intolerable Acts passed as a reprisal to the Boston Tea Party. The history of the Quartering Acts is directly linked to the causes of the American Revolution.

Background Info on the Quartering Acts - The 1686 Mutiny Act
The Mutiny Act was passed just after the as was the . The Quartering Acts were extensions to the original that, apart from dealing with mutiny in the British armed forces, also had clauses relating to standing armies and the billeting of British troops in barracks and public houses in the American colonies. The Quartering Acts were extensions of the original 1686 Mutiny Act. Read the .

The Provisions of the Quartering Act of 1765
The 1689 Mutiny Act  gave Great Britain the right to quarter troops in barracks and public houses in the colonies. The Quartering Act of 1765 went even further. The Quartering Act of 1765 added that, if no accommodation was available in barracks and public houses, British troops could also be housed in a variety of additional locations such as:

  • Inns
  • Ale Houses
  • Private homes of those selling wine or alcohol
  • Livery stables
  • Uninhabited homes
  • Outbuildings - such as barns

The Quartering Act of 1765 also required colonial governments to absorb the costs associated with quartering British troops which included food, shelter, bedding, cooking utensils, firewood, salt, vinegar, beer or cider and candles.

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