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Major General Benjamin Lincoln

Battle of Savannah

Battle of Savannah Definition: The Siege of Savannah was a military conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in North America during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). The year and date that the Siege of Savannah took place from September 16 to October 18, 1779.

The battlefield in which the British and American Forces fought during the Battle of Savannah was located in Savannah, Georgia. The Battle for Savannah ended in victory for the British. 

Overview and Summary of the Battle of Savannah
The occupation of Savannah by he British was part of their strategy to bring Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia back under royal control. The British encouraged Loyalists to fight against the Americans, but failed to get the response they had anticipated. The city of Savannah, Georgia, had been captured by a British force under Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Campbell. The siege of Savannah was undertaken by a joint French and American force in an attempt to retake Savannah from the British. The siege lasted from September 16 to October 18, 1779. General Prevost led the British, and Major General Benjamin Lincoln led the Americans. The Continental Army, with help from Comte d'Estaing's French ships and troops attempted to retake Savannah. The French bombed Savannah and the joint forces then advanced into Savannah, however, they were halted by the British. On October 9 a crucial American assault against the British siege works failed. The siege of Savannah collapsed and the British remained in control of Savannah until July 1782, near the end of the war.

The Importance and Significance of the Battle of Savannah
Significance of the Battle of Savannah: The significance of the conflict was that it was the beginning of the British push in the South. The British won, and remained in control of Savannah, a city of economic importance.

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