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Battle of Princeton

Battle of Princeton Definition: The Battle of Princeton was a military conflict between the Kingdom of Great Britain and its thirteen colonies in North America during the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). The year and date that the Battle of Princeton took place on Friday, January 03, 1777.

The battlefield in which the British and American Forces fought during the Battle of Princeton was located in Princeton, New Jersey. The Battle of Princeton ended in victory for the American colonists.

Overview and Summary of the Battle of Princeton
The Battle of Trenton had been a surprising and a significant victory for the Americans and a crushing defeat for the Hessian army. American morale rose and the patriots were ready to face another conflict, fighting for their independence from British rule. General William Howe sent Lord Charles Cornwallis with a strong military force to destroy the American rebels. George Washington and the main part of the Continental Army was encamped on the south side of the *Assanpink. Lord Charles Cornwallis was positioned on the other bank at Trenton. George Washington left some of his troops to build some fortifications over the Assanpink and led the major force toward Princeton, New Jersey. General Charles Cornwallis had left 1,400 British troops under the command of Lt. Colonel Charles Mawhood in Princeton. George Washington was able to mount a night attack and defeat the British troops at Princeton and get out before General Charles Cornwallis could arrive with reinforcements. George Washington then led his army to the safety of highlands of New Jersey where he set up a winter encampment at Morristown. The weather conditions that winter were terrible but the coming of warmer weather also brought an additional 9,000 soldiers when new troops volunteer to fight. The British abandoned nearly all their posts in New Jersey and retired to New York. The Siege of Fort Stanwix & Battle of Oriskany was the next bloody conflict. General William Howe and General George Washington would fight again at the Battle of Brandywine.

*Assunpink Creek is a 22 mile tributary of the Delaware River in western New Jersey in the United States
The Importance and Significance of the Battle of Princeton
Significance of the Battle of Princeton: The significance of the conflict was that the British lost control of New Jersey and retreated to New York. Following the victories at the Battles of Trenton and Princeton the Americans believed that they could win the war.

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