Land of the Brave

American Revolutionary Soldiers

George Washington Commander in Chief

George Washington - Commander in Chief

Definition of American Revolutionary Soldiers:

The American Revolutionary Soldiers came from the 13 colonies that became the United States of America. There was no standing army at the outbreak of the war - each colony had relied upon the local militia, made up of part time citizen-soldiers, for local defense.

The outbreak of the war meant that the Revolutionaries needed to organize forces of American Revolutionary Soldiers to fight in the conflict against the British.

Stats and Facts about the American Revolutionary Soldiers
Despite the many disadvantages of the American Revolutionary Soldiers the War of Independence was won. There were 36 major battles in the war but the smaller conflicts and battles took the number to over 100. A total of 35,000 American Revolutionary Soldiers served in the Continental Army backed by 44,500 militia. Details of many of these battles can be found in Revolutionary Battles. But, as in all wars, victory came at a price.

25,000 men died during the war

8000 died in battle

17,000 died of sickness, missing in action and other causes

9000 soldiers suffered serious wounds and injuries

40% - 45% of American colonists supported the revolution

15% - 20% of American colonists were loyalists

The remaining colonists took a neutral stance

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